One of Bob Seger’s most famous lines from Against the Wind says, “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then.” That lyric applies to many aspects of growing older. But thankfully, some things get better with age, like a good bottle of wine, a healthy friendship, and these days, one’s living situation.

Housing for adults approaching their later stage of life used to be limited to meagre options. In recent decades, active adult communities erased that problem by providing vibrant neighborhoods full of the lucky ones looking to have a good time.

What Is an Active Adult Community?

Active adult neighborhoods cater to adults at the age of 55 or better, sometimes with enforced age restrictions. Housing tends to reflect a more minimal lifestyle, often existing as apartments, condos, or townhomes.

The word “active” perfectly describes the biggest aspect of an active adult community. Typically, part of the fees included in monthly payments pay for amenities like a fitness center, walking trails, tennis courts, or a pool.

The Perks of Active Adult Communities

While active adult communities aren’t for everyone, they offer some fantastic alternative benefits in comparison to other living options. Here are 5 enticing reasons why an active adult community might be the best option for you.

1. Community in Every Sense of the Word

Experience the feeling of camaraderie with peers in the same stage of life. Even though many active adult communities enforce an age restriction, many active adults feel a true sense of community being surrounded by people their own age.

2. It’s Like Being on Vacation All the Time

Remember when you dreamed of retiring and going on vacation to some peaceful locale? When you live in an AAC, you get to experience that feeling all the time…in your own home!

3. A Smaller Home Means Less Time Cleaning

You already know what’s valuable in life. As keeping up with the Jones’s becomes a lower priority, trading in a large living space for a smaller one feels freeing. Plus, it means less maintenance and cleaning!

4. Spend Less Time Driving and More Time Walking

AACs often contain everything a person needs within walking distance. This includes shopping, dining, and fun activities. Depending on the public transportation situation in your AAC, you might even be able to sell your vehicle after moving!

5. Embrace Your Inner Kid Again

Who says adults can’t have fun? Imagine waking up every day with so many options at your fingertips that it’s difficult to decide on what to do first! Experience the great outdoors on a quiet walking trail, get brunch with some friends at the café located beneath your townhome, and pick up a few groceries for a game night later that evening. All of this and more could be possible in your own neighborhood!

Active Adult Community “The Settlement” Coming Soon to Trailhead

Starting soon, Trailhead will be breaking ground for our newest community called “The Settlement.” This active adult community will have 75 units for sale, a 55+ age restriction, and shops and dining located directly beneath the units!

If you are a Huntsville native above the age of 55 and you’re interested in an active adult lifestyle like the one described above, contact us today!