If last year taught us anything, it’s that the place we call “home” matters. Working from home caused a huge shift in how we think about our residence.

Home looks different for all of us, but many people last year decided it looked a lot like suburbia. More than half of city dwellers seeking a home in 2020 sought to move to the suburbs.

The growing demand for suburban homes ushered in an influx of new construction housing developments. But not all new construction is created equal.

Here are 3 valuable features to look for when considering a new construction home:

Peaceful Surrounding Landscape

Most new construction developments exist on small pieces of land sandwiched between busy streets. Perhaps the actual neighborhood looks aesthetically-pleasing, but as soon as you turn out of the neighborhood it feels like an ugly, busy city.

Look for a new neighborhood built near farmland or nature preserves. When you struggle to find that, at least opt for the neighborhood that feels tucked away.

Drive around the development you’re considering and roll your window down. Do you hear busy traffic, screaming kids on a playground, industrial equipment sounds, or sports field announcers? If so, consider a different development.

HOA Fees that Actually Improve Your Life

Almost all new construction neighborhoods charge HOA fees. Before purchasing your new home, consider the price and how many amenities and benefits it covers.

With a national average of $300 per month, you want to try to find new homes with a lower cost per month and the least amount of restrictions. Some important fine print rules to read are:

  • Restrictions in regard to pets (whether they’re allowed, what sizes, breeds)
  • Whether you can rent out your property
  • If you can personalize your yard and house over time

Beyond that, consider the perks. If you pay higher than the national average, look for a community center, local shopping, restaurants and cafés, and nature trails.

Trailhead offers maintenance of trails, the greenway, and overall property. It also offers entertainment practically at your doorstep! All of this for only $900/year!

Ability to Check Every Box on Your Wishlist

Finally, consider your wish list. Many new construction homes come at a higher price, so make sure you get everything you want.

Don’t just settle for new finishes. Expect a high-grade kitchen with state-of-the art appliances, a walk-in closet, and a lot of windows. Look for energy-efficient features.

If you can’t check everything off your list, don’t pay a premium price. Make sure a new construction home includes EVERYTHING you want to make it your forever home.

Find Out Your Options Today!

Trailhead has something for everybody, with single-family homes called bungalows, condos called mountain lofts, and attached single-family homes called chalets.

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