Looking Forward: New Urbanism

Changing the conversation about urban planning in the United States for around 20 years, New Urbanism goes against the grain of unsustainable suburban sprawl and embraces the fundamental ethos of what sustainable community living should be.

The evolution of how we live and interact with our environment has come full-circle, bringing new life to centuries-old principles of accessible public spaces, walkable streets, and the proximity of shopping, housing, and open spaces. Fundamentally, New Urbanism is a planning and development approach focusing on human comfort, pleasing aesthetics, and the special placement of civic uses and sites to create a sense of “place” for the community,

With ever-growing popularity, in a time where quality-of-life and reducing our ecological footprint is paramount, new urban developments emphasize the integration of infrastructure and community with existing ecosystems. Such developments bestow a plethora of social, health, and lifestyle benefits that make such communities a perfect fit for dynamic, culture-driven cities like Huntsville, where the idea of living locally is more than a concept — it’s a way of life.

At its foundation, the Trailhead community of Huntsville blends human-scaled urban design and environmental preservation to create an active, outdoor adventure lifestyle with a local feel to suit singles, empty-nesters, and families alike. Gone are the endless highways and strip malls, new homes sitting isolated on lonely cul-de-sacs, miles from any job, school, or place worth walking to. New Urbanist communities like Trailhead seamlessly combine function and form to create a place for its residents to live, work, play, and live well.

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Welcome to Trailhead

Welcome to the Trailhead community, Huntsville’s modern live-work-play development with expert community planning and outdoor adventure-living at its core. Situated at the base of Chapman Mountain, surrounded by nature trails and woodlands, Trailhead Huntsville by Concord Development is only a short drive from the plethora of eateries, craft breweries, and the vibrant entertainment district of Downtown Huntsville — providing the best of both worlds!

Consistently named one of the best places in the country to live and work, Huntsville is located in northern Alabama and nestled between the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and the mighty Tennessee River. A technology hotspot with an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to innovation, Huntsville retains its small-town atmosphere and remains grounded in its rich heritage while still providing the best city amenities.

It is this ethos that inspired Trailhead’s New Urbanist approach to planning and development. New Urbanism, fundamentally based on centuries-old principles of accessible public spaces, walkable streets, and close proximity of shopping and housing, provides the ultimate modern-day luxury: being able to enjoy all of life without a long car ride.

“Our focus for Trailhead is human-scaled urban design and preservation,” said Shawn Fairburn, Principal of Trailhead. “And, we are thrilled to work in close partnership with the Land Trust of North Alabama and the City of Huntsville in the revitalization of this historic property. Sustainability is at the heart of this project, and our goal is to provide an exciting place for people to live healthy and happy lives.”

Steeped in history, Trailhead resides on 250 acres of land dating back to early settler times. What was once a wagon trail is now a three-mile greenway encompassing the development. Twenty-first century residents of Trailhead, like those nineteenth-century travelers, can enjoy the same solitude of the cedars as they stroll, run, or ride down this quiet country lane. Our community will allow residents to live, play, and explore nature with unique residential opportunities, miles of hiking and biking trails, and a fantastic lodge at the center of the property for residents and visitors alike.

Our highly anticipated commercial space will house offices for local businesses, restaurants and shopping below, and luxury lofts above with a private terrace –– plus underground parking for residents. The Lodge will serve as a community hub where people can eat fresh and local at farm-to-table restaurants, have a tasting at the micro-brewery, shop at one-of-a-kind boutiques, and stay active at the second-floor fitness center while taking in views of the mountain. Those who prefer a slower pace can head outdoors and take a stroll around the local farmer’s market and food trucks.

With construction underway, Trailhead will allow residents to explore better living through a number of residential options, including detached bungalows, mountain lofts, and chalets; there’s a configuration to suit everyone. The Aspen-chic aesthetic provides rustic and vibrant colors, mixtures of stone, hardy and cedar, and a number of upscale finishing touches.

“We’ve worked hard to create a best-in-class community, and we’re excited for our residents to enjoy the ultimate Huntsville experience,” Kelly Ruh, Trailhead’s Marketing Coordinator, said.

As a part of our collaboration with the Land Trust of North Alabama and City of Huntsville, our first nature trail, named the Legacy Loop, will be opening soon, connecting the neighborhood and providing access to Monte Sano State Park. The trail transports you through time, allowing you to walk, hike, or bike the same route that Alabama’s settlers enjoyed centuries ago.

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