Move within Mountains

Trailhead Greenway

Two miles of tree-lined, paved paths allow you to walk, hike or bike the same route that Alabama’s settlers enjoyed centuries ago. We have kept the historic tree-lined wagon road intact to provide the people of Huntsville that same level of peacefulness, natural beauty and Alabama pride that generations of people before us carried too. Here, you’ll be on your way to making your own history to remember.

Legacy Loop Trail

Explore our very own Legacy Loop. This 1.8 mile trail can be hiked or mountain biked – the choice is yours! Call up your fellow adventurists and embark on a mesmerizing journey!

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Mountain Biking

Trailhead offers 155 acres of Mountain Nature Preserve for the most-adventurous mountain biker to blaze paths through. Call up your tribe. Get your gear and fly through this premier mountain biking destination in Huntsville.

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Monte Sano State Park Trail Access
Find a new point of access to the 2,140 acres that make up Monte Sano State Park.

Village Greenspace
Picnic, gather, and relax in our Village Greenspace. You can even bring your dogs to the “Bark Park”.